Seven Mile Island

We have a beautiful 90-acre waterfront property located minutes away from the MSIFN territory on Scugog Island. We have started examining the property's development potential and will be looking to create partnership(s) in the near future to develop the property in a manner that complements the area's beauty and environmental considerations (given its location within the Greenbelt), highlights the MSIFN culture and history, and provides economic benefits to the First Nation. 

Fibre internet, phone and TV 

A local Port Perry business is also working to bring fibre optic internet, phone and television to MSIFN. These types of technologies are becoming increasingly necessary in today's society and it is important for members to have access.


While construction is still underway, once fibre optic services are available for the First Nation and surrounding areas - including Seven Mile Island - it will be easier to accommodate other businesses and further economic growth.

Hotel, Art Gallery and more!

We are in the process of constructing a new building which will house an art gallery along with other businesses,  The new development will be located on Island Road, directly across from the Great Blue Heron Charity Casino on the same property as Tim Hortons and Minisi Convenience. 

Water Feasibility Study and Wastewater Treatment Plant

MSIFN identified the need to develop a plan that will guide, monitor and control the growth of their community in the future, with respect to community infrastructure and the provision of essential services. It has been accepted that the existing water supply systems on Scugog Island are sub-standard and do not meet the community's current or future needs.


Now that the study has been completed, a new water treatment plant will be constructed in the First Nation. Two wells on MSIFN lands will serve as the primary source for the treatment plant and more wells will be drilled as necessary. MSIFN is also in the process of determining a plan for the installation of water distributon pipes underground to provide residents access to clean water.


Noozhoo Nokiiyan Limited Partnership

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